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Benefits, and Disadvantages of Cheating About Your Education Background on the Resume

In job application, a number of documents are needed. The cover letter and the resume are the major job application documents. We shall discuss the resume in this article. A resume is a document which details the bio date, education background, employment background, job experience, skills, abilities, interests, hobbies, and referees among others. The resume writing formats are very many. The resume determines if you will be shortlisted for the next step. There are some people who got jobs after lying about their education on the resume. For example, I Know of some people who got jobs after indicating they have a master’s degree which is not true. Below are the pros of cheating on your resume.

In order to overcome the competition, it is sometimes better to cheat on your resume. Since the modern technology has enabled job adverts to reach a lot of people, jobs are applied by a high number of people. Cheating on your resume will enable you to outdo many candidates.

Another benefit of including exaggerated information about your education on the resume is to beat the machine learning. Today, many employers use algorithms in order to determine the best candidates. The algorithm process will favor you in case you include a prestigious school on the resume. Associating yourself with an esteemed college will enable you to beat the machine learning.

The third advantage of lying more about your education on your resume is to test the water. Some people are so curious such that they end up lying about their education on the resume. It is also easier to cheat on your resume since job applications are done on the internet.

Below are the cons of cheating on your resume.

After being caught because of lying on your resume, you will be sued for forgery. After including wrong information on the resume, you need to go a step further and forge a certificate. Forgery is against the law.

Lying about your education on your resume may make you fail the background checks as you will learn more about it here on this homepage. After receiving resumes, many employers call the school you attended in order to determine if the information is true. The employer will, therefore, come to realize that the education background on your resume is incorrect.

Finally, you may fail the general questions about the schools you have indicated on your resume. The employer or the recruiter may have attended the school you have indicated on your resume and after asking a few questions about the school, he/she will detect that you lied on the resume.

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